Centre for Research In Entomology (CRE)

Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments established at the inception of the Faculty of Science of the then Jaffna Campus of the University of Ceylon. The Department is actively involved in teaching and research. Apart from teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the department is very strong in research in the field of Entomology producing M.Phil and Ph.D degrees, and conducting out-reach activities to the community. The department has many in-house facilities with adequate equipment to offer a very conducive research environment.

Entomology is the strongest research area of the Department. A well-designed out-door insectary, medical entomology laboratory, molecular entomology laboratory and insect diversity museum are established mainly through research grants secured by academics of the Department of Zoology. The Department offers various training programs in medical entomology to Public Health Offers and Entomology Team members of the Anti-Malaria Campaign, and economic entomology to farmers and other interested personals. The Department also undertakes various community based projects to encourage deprive community and women-headed families to engage in entrepreneurship using beneficial insects (economic entomology). The Entomology research groups have a strong national and international link for various research activities.

Considering the local and national importance of research in entomology and the strength of the research teams in entomology, it has been long felt by the Department of Zoology a need of Centre for Research in Entomology to get recognition from wider national and international community for community based activities, training programs, research and education. With this background the Faculty of Science had endorsed in its strategic management plan to establish a Centre for Research in Entomology (CRE), hereafter called CRE, under the umbrella of Department of Zoology, in the Faculty of Science, University of Jaffna

To be a center of excellence in research in entomology.

To engage in research, teaching and community outreach in the field of entomology directed by comprehensive academic, scientific and ethical principles.


  • The CRE is fully functional under the Department of Zoology utilizing the already established spaces including insectary, medical entomology, molecular entomology and economic entomology laboratories.
  • The CRE is self-sustainable utilizing research grants secured by academics and through other means such as conducting training programs and short courses.
  • The CRE is open for academics from other Departments/Faculties of the University of Jaffna and other national and international institutions for collaboration to utilize the facilities established.
  • The CRE offers placements for postgraduate students and post-doctorate fellows to collaborate and work with Entomologists of the Department of Zoology.
  • The CRE will offer consultancy and stimulate entrepreneurship by providing individuals and communities with innovative ideas, the required skills and directions to resources in Entomology.

Sandfly Dissection Training Programme

A training programme is organized by the Center for Research in Entomology, Department of Zoology on 27.08.2020 to six health staff from RDHS Anuradhapura. The training was facilitated by Dr.K.Gajapathy and assisted by Mr.S.Tharsan and Mr.S.Aranraj. The inaugural programme of the CRE was attended by Prof.S.Ravirajan (Dean, Faculty of Science) and Dr.T.Eswaramohan (Head, Department of Zoology) along with other staff from the department. Prof.S.N.Surendran was presented with a founder membership card as an appreciation for his efforts to establish the CRE.