BSc Degree Programmes

The Faculty offers Bachelor’s degree of three-year duration (traditionally referred to as the General degree). Admission of students to the Bachelor of Science degree programmes is done by the UGC based on the performance (Z-Score) in the G.C.E. (A/L) examination.

Biological Science stream and Physical Science stream students who have passed the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination and have satisfied all the respective entrance requirements are admitted to the Faculty by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Students are also admitted by the UGC directly to a subject-specific programme. This type is referred to as Direct-Intake and, at present, this exists only in Computer Science. These students follow a three-year degree programme.

Profile of our Bachelor of Science Graduates

The Faculty of Science aims to instill in its Bachelor of Science graduates the competencies in academic disciplines, personal and professional skills and citizenship attributes through its teaching, learning and research activities and enhancement of the advisory and support services, and cultural, social, and sports related extracurricular activities.

Expected Outcomes of our Bachelor of Science Degree Programmes

The expected programme outcomes represent what a graduate is expected to know and/or be able to do after completing the study programme. The expected outcomes of the BSc degree programme are,

  • an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in the subjects learnt;
  • ability to be a life-long learner and update the knowledge base to match the global demand;
  • ability to apply the knowledge effectively in dissemination, identification of problems, and finding appropriate solutions;
  • good citizenship and leadership qualities with responsibility; and,
  • sound inter-personal communication skills to disseminate knowledge to specialists and wider society.

All these programme outcomes are achieved by adopting relevant teaching, learning, and assessment strategies in the study programme.

Name of the Degrees

The names of the Bachelor’s degrees and the abbreviations shall be as follows:

Bachelor of Science abbreviated as BSc for those who follow subjects from Table 1.

Bachelor of Science in Subject Name abbreviated as BSc (Subject Name) appropriately, applies only to students admitted by the UGC directly to a subject-specific degree programme or who has been selected to follow a subject-specific Honours degree programme and wishes to opt for a Bachelor’s degree and satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree. For example, in the case of Direct-Intake Computer Science students, it is: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science abbreviated as BSc (Computer Science).

The name of the three-year degree programmes and the abbreviations are illustrated in the following table. 

Stream of study

Name of the Degree


Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Science


Physical Sciences

Bachelor of Science


Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

BSc (Computer Science)

Revised structure of the curriculum

(Applicable to the to the students commencing their studies in the Academic Year 2019/2020)