Student Support Services

The student support services are provided by the university and the faculty to facilitate the comfortable learning and living environment of the students. The services include health care, sports and recreation, finance, counselling, mentoring, and general welfare.

This branch looks after the welfare of the university students and hence is one of the most important administrative branches of the university as far as the students are concerned. It handles matters such as providing accommodation to students at the university hostels and helping the students to get accommodation outside the university, providing canteen facilities, maintaining social harmony among the students, student counselling, health services and the matters relating to student discipline in the university. It also handles the disbursal of funds related to the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund, Mahapola Fund, and Bursaries.
Hostels are administered by full-time sub-wardens; part-time academic wardens are appointed to help in the administration. Owing to the limited capacity in the hostels, only the new entrants and the final year students are assured of hostel accommodation.

The Students’ Complex, located on the main campus, is a common amenity that provides facilities to hold discussions, perform recreational activities, and celebrate cultural and social events. The complex possesses the following:

  • Alumni Office
  • Canteens
  • Post-office
  • Offices of the Senior Student Counsellor, Proctor, and Marshal
  • Career Guidance Unit
  • Welfare Services Branch
  • University Business Linkage
  • Prayer rooms
  • Bank of Ceylon
  • Students’ Union Offices
  • Well-Being Centre
  • Stationery Shops
  • Open Study Hall (Hotspot)

The University Health Centre (UHC), located on the main campus, provides health care services to the university community. The centre provides both western and Siddha medical treatments. The UHC attends to the health problems of students and staff of the University throughout the year. A 24-hour emergency ambulance service is also available.  (For more details:

The Physical Education Unit (PEU) along with indoor and outdoor sports facilities and a playground, situated near the Faculty of Medicine. It provides opportunities for students and staff to carry-out indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities. It organises, coordinates and administers competitive sports activities, such as Inter-Faculty and Inter-University Games.

The Centre for Gender Equity and Equality (CGEE), located on the main campus, creates awareness on GEE among the University community by conducting workshops and training programmes and providing a platform on a regular basis for discussions on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and its prevention. It also handles complaints related to SGBV within the University community by instituting a consistent and fair grievance redressing mechanism based on the bylaws relating to SGBV and upholding zero tolerance to SGBV. (For more details;

This well-coordinated and effective system ensures better services in student support, welfare and counselling, and streamlines the student disciplinary matters. At faculty level, student counsellors operate under the guidance of the Dean and work in liaison with the Senior Student Counsellor to guide students in their transition from school to university environment, and assist them in overcoming learning, financial and emotional difficulties, and help to make their university life rewarding, pleasant and memorable.
The Academic Counsellors, appointed for each discipline, provide academic guidance to students. The details of the counsellors shall be found at

Learning is worthless if one cannot exercise self-control in conduct and behaviour. Well-regulated life and living in social harmony bring happiness and honour. You are the future leaders of this country, and you should set an example to people in other walks of life by being disciplined and living in social harmony with the other students and the public.

The Well-Being (WeBe) Centre provides psychosocial and psychiatric support and counselling and treatment to students and staff of the UoJ. The WeBe Cell of the faculty functions in liaison with the WeBe Centre. (For more details:

The Career Guidance Unit (CGU), along with the Faculty Career Guidance Cell (FCGC), cultivates transferable, personal and interpersonal skills of students for their career development and ensures flow of information on graduate career opportunities and employers’ expectations. (For more details:

The University Business Linkage (UBL) and UBL-Faculty Cell create tangible and intangible values to boost the economic activities of enterprises in the region through mentoring, knowledge sharing, new and novel approaches, innovations, and technology transfer. (For more details: view/ubljaffna/home).