Inaugural session of the Orientation Programme – 2022

Inaugural session of the Orientation Programme for new entrants, 47th Batch of the Faculty of Science was conducted at the Main Board of the university on 29.07.2022 from 11.00 am to 1.15 pm. More than 400 students registered to pursue Bachelor of Science Degree programme under Biological Science Stream / Computer Science Stream / Physical Science Stream, and joined via Zoom in the Inaugural session of the Orientation Programme.

The Students Handbook (Academic Year 2020/2021) to the freshers was digitally released by the Vice-Chancellor. This handbook provides information on the nature/structure of the degree programmes, subjects and courses offered, methods of evaluation and available student support services. Further, it would provide necessary information to begin their undergraduate education with confidence. The faculty will conduct separate sessions to highlight the important aspects of this handbook by next week.

To enhance their skills and to make awareness of a few areas, the following pre-Semester programmes will be conducted by the Department of English Language Teaching, Computer Unit, Library and Centre for Gender Equity and Equality for few weeks prior to commencing the core courses.

Vice-Chancellor's address at the Inaugural session of the Orientation programme in July 2022